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Six Month Later

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

It’s been 6 month since the pandemic changed the way around us. Practically everything around us has changed - the way we work, consume, entertain, most importantly connect with one another. COVID 19 alienate us from one another. Social distance has turned into emotional and relational distance. The world has become even more isolated and separated when we need each other the most. Many families are still grieving over untimely and unexpected loss of their loved ones while others are battling the various side effect of pandemic - financial, mental and emotional. We may need to embrace life with the coronavirus as a new norm.

Our family took a few days off on the last weekend of August to go to Arizona and Utah canons – Zion, Bryce and Glen Canyon. These canyons were beautiful beyond the word. Every place we visited boasted the outworldly wonder and beauty.

With all the craziness of our world, the nature reminds us of important truth – some things in our world stand unshaken, unchanged, still reflecting the wonder and beauty of God.The nature obviously is that part of a steady, unshaken God’s creation.

We are also called to be that part of the world – steady and calming reflection of God’s love and truth. There is so much fight going on. People are angry at injustice and racism. People are angry at incompetent and manipulative leadership. People are angry at not being able to open their business, or worship at their church, or having to wear a mask all the time. It seems like stresses of the pandemic makes people more aggressive and uptight. It’s only getting worse as we are getting closing to the election.

We are to add more noise to this chaotic world. We are called to be the strong yet calm and steady voice of truth and love to the world – to our families and friends, to our neighbors and communities. I want to encourage you to be more intentional of being steady presence around you. No one can stop us from loving people and sharing Christ. Everyone needs Christ. Republican, Democrats, Conservative, liberal, Whtie, black, Hispanic, Asian, or others – whatever or whoever we are, we all need redemptive love of Christ.

During this season, our mission remains the same. We will continue to worship the Lord together and at home. We will share His love and truth with those who are hurting, lost and wondering. We will grow strong in faith and love. Do little things to worship Christ, love neighbors and become like Christ. May God strengthen our love and faith with His grace and truth.

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